Sidelnikov Sergey Alekseevich

Russia, Yekaterinburg

In 1979 has finished composer faculty, and in 1986 – post graduated training of the Moscow State conservatory of P.I.Chajkovskiy. From 1979 till 1996 he worked as the senior teacher on chair of a composition of the Ural state conservatory. In 1993 - 1994 Sidelnikov were read by a series of lectures on a theme “Music at cinema” in academy of cinema and applied crafts of A.Demidova.

During long time (since 1985) Sergey Sidelnikov works on the Sverdlovsk film studio as musical editor of feature films. The basic direction of creative activity is connected with work on a film studio - theatrical and film music in which sphere it has reached outstanding successes. Sergey Sidelnikov writes original music to art, popular scientific, documentary both animation films and theatrical performances, many of which have been noted by awards at domestic and foreign festivals, and also musical registration to a considerable quantity full-length and short-footage films of different genres (more than 50 works) is made. Among film works: “The expelled are blissful”, “The union of the Soviet socialist records” (A jury prize film festival of Russia, Munich, 1994. “Border of Europe” (1 prize film festival in Moscow, The Polar lights Anchorage, the USA, Alaska, Grand prix of the International, University of radio and a telekind. In Paris). Murder of the emperor. Versions. (The award “Nika-96” like the best doc. film), “Born in the USSR - 14 up”? (Granada Television, the best dock. A film of 1997, England). “Nikolay II. A life circle” (NTV Moscow). “Demons. Anatoly Vasilev rehearses” (The Sverdlovsk film studio for BBC, England), etc. Working in conservatory, in 1990 has started to develop a course “Electronic musical means” for students of composer faculty together with T.V.Komarova. Taught this course with 1990 for 1996 Participated in the organisation and the creative program of the 1-st Festival of electronic music in Yekaterinburg (1992) In preparation and carrying out of presentation of Studio of electroacoustic music in Moscow (festival “Альтернатива-95”, actions with participation of leading professors of the American high schools teaching electroacoustic music, and also conducting research activity in this area), in the creative program of Studio within the limits of festival “New music - new names” (Yekaterinburg, April, 1996, exit secretary SK of the Russian Federation). Supports a constant to studio projects.